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Cort dating guitar

Below is how it was explained to me by Ibanez on 10/22/98.

On all guitars made before and up to 1987 the first two digits of the serial number would designate the year of manufacture.

Thus, a guitar with a serial number H814657 would translate: H=August: 81=1981; 4657=whatever. Note, however, that at least one Ibanez sub-brand, the Maxxas, does not follow this pattern at all.

Dating Ibanez Guitars or establishing the year they were made is a little bit tricky.

If the guitar has been altered, it can depreciate the value of the guitar tremendously.Ibanez Guitars are probably one of the best deals on the market at this writing.Ibanez has built some excellent guitars and offers tremendous value.Over the years Ibanez has consistently developed new and cool models.I can remember a period in the late 90's when they were overpriced a little.

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There are many factors that can affect the value of your vintage guitar.