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Denmark’s feminine tendencies are made clearer by its status as a welfare state.

The nation’s egalitarian nature holds everyone to the same esteem—rich or poor, woman or man—and offers the same support to all.

The absence of pressure to fulfill certain gender-based stereotypes fosters a liberal attitude toward sex, dating, and marriage.

Denmark ranks among the most “feminine” societies in the world.

Preliminary analyses indicate that youth victims begin dating at younger ages than nonvictims, but once dating, victim’s relationships progress to cohabitation no faster than do relationships among nonvictims.

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Youth violent victimization (YVV) has been linked to precocious exits from adolescence and premature entries into adulthood.

This includes early entry into coresidential romantic unions, which is but one stage of a relationship sequence generally beginning via dating debut.

Such cooperation is rarely experienced in the United States, especially in 22-year-old males.

Men here are allowed to openly discuss their emotions without being seen as weak, as evidenced by Michael’s open discussion of his concern for my well-being.

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