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I was teaching for two semester at community college so that’s where the photo was taken. Her: ha, ha, well suppose I am a private person and maybe I only want cute guys to see it. Better than posting trashy photos on myspace like so many girls do in this area.

Her: Right, that’s why I am communicating with you.

Keep adding a little something like this to the conversation until you’ve got her smiling and talking to you, eating out of your hand.You don’t have to go out of your way to say asshole remarks, put downs, or negs. If you’re looking for all of the theory behind why this sort of communication works read Double Your Dating (here are the 22 most important David Deangelo articles)…I like to call it “fearlessly funny.” This means that you’re intention is to amuse yourself and those around you… if you already understand the theory and just want some concrete examples then let’s take a look at some of these examples. Mess with her A more politically incorrect way of saying this would be to say “fuck with her.” The same way you mess around with your friends.The idea behind cocky comedy is to strike the right balance between being cocky and almost arrogant and being personable and likable.We all know nice guys finish last, but how can we be polite to a woman without being too nice?

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Negs and cocky/funny are the two most misused concepts in the dating community. and whose negs wind up insulting the woman you’re trying to engage… No one (not even perfect 10’s) likes to be around people that make us self conscious. the most effective way to do this is keep her in the moment.

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