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Chatid dating

It is this token which would allow you to send messages as the bot using http requests, rather than having to register a new Telegram username using a unique phone number.

From your Telegram client - connect to Bot Father and follow the conversation below (your inputs are in italics and unindented): Store your bot name, username and token safely.

The main problem of the content presented is that fact that it doesn’t directly go into an Array, so once that’s taken care of (see the example below), it’s pretty simple to play with the data.

$My Token = "YOUR TOKEN HERE" $My Bot Updates = Invoke-Web Request -Uri "$($My Token)/get Updates" #Convert the result from json and put them in an array $jsonresult = [array]($My Bot Updates | Convert From-Json).result #Display all Texts (FROM ANY CHAT!

Now, what I like the most, what if Powershell can read what we’re writing into that conversation and based on that take actions? If the message equals to “Restart-Computer” then go and restart the computer.

This is a very basic example, but it contain the core of what this can be used for.

chat_id=$($chat ID)&text=$($Message)" Something important before we continue: we can’t send a message to a user that hasn’t start a conversation with the Bot first (you can try once you know the user ID, however, you’ll get an error code 403 – ).However, a workaround (which I’m using) is to create a group with your own account, add the Bot and whoever friend who needs to be receiving the notifications.When using a group, the chat ID (so far I noticed this) seems to be always a negative number, something like -123456789.It has an array of $Messages so that you can customize what to write right away without searching through the script.You can see that in the messages I’m using “fake variables” (%NAMEOFTHEHEROHERE% for example) which are basically placeholders for the real variables and I will be replacing them throughout the script. The magic word is our keyword to perform an action.

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