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Although it was a choice to pick up that first cigarette, there are very few smokers who understood the intensity of the addiction until they were in the thick of it, unable to break free from it.

Even fewer who would say that they thought that they would still be smoking 5, 10, 20 or more years later.

Joined: Apr 16 2012 - am Last seen: 3 weeks 3 days ago Products Answers Exchange Docs Wiki Planet Tracker To run the java webapp sample, first locate the sample war file: Table of Contents /samples/java-webapp-sample/target/copy it to your application server location (for instance tomcat) /webapps To change the Web Services URL target location: Config file location (in the file) is: jasperserver-ws-sample.war/WEB-INF/Config definition seen in is like this: To change the target URL location to "my-test-server": (Your Java JDK should be on your systems path in order to run the "jar" command) cd /samples/java-webapp-sample/target jar xf WEB-INF/(extract file) edit WEB-INF/change param-value from: to: my-test-server jar uf WEB-INF/(update into file) (Note: Alternatively, you can use a zip utility to unpack the file, make your edits and repack the file.

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The gist of these vids is that these babes would wanna blow you off and enjoy your cock as much as they do smoking their duns!

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Please come to meet, greet, share and support with others.

WAR files use a zip compression format.) Connect to the webapp like so: To build the java webapp sample files, you will first need to get the Jasper Reports Server source code environment in place.

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Breaking a nicotine addiction is not easy, but it is possible with strength, support, aspiration and possible medical intervention. Visit and join to not only gain the support of others trying to kick the habit, but to also support others going through the same struggle that you are.

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