Blogs about dating in forties

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Blogs about dating in forties

My own experience over the past decade or two is testimony to the power of shared wisdom, particularly among women.

I feel passionately that we are doing each other a disservice if we don’t share with each other, support each other, reach out to each other and write it all down for others to learn from.

What if someone out there is struggling with something that you also struggled with in the past?

What if you could ease their pain or help them find solutions faster by sharing your story?

I incorporated the stories of individuals or organisations that were championing positive body image and self-acceptance. Turning 40 is a milestone in any woman’s life but it’s perhaps particularly significant for women who are single, without children or in career transition.

I was all three, which is why I felt that was an exciting time and one worth writing about.

In 2017, I published my first book, How to Fall in Love – A 10-Step Journey to the Heart.

The book mixes heartfelt memoir and self-help with the goal of helping others find love and create lives that they love. Initially, the name was about writing love letters to our younger selves, to share all the things we’ve learned to help our younger selves navigate their lives and perhaps avoid some of the heartache and pain we’ve gone through. Would you tell your younger self to focus on staying slim above all else or to heed the opinions of others over her own?

This site follows on from my first blog Just As I Am – An Experiment in Self Acceptance, which I began on March 9th, 2011.Freedom is all about following my heart, trusting my instinct, accepting myself just as I am and, one day at a time, throwing off the chains that restrict me from living a contented, abundant life. I’m 46 now and I still struggle to follow my heart but that is my desire and I wish the same for every man and woman.‘From Forty With Love’ is a space for women and men of all ages.It’s also about the pain that some of us have to go through in order to get to a good place in our lives.It’s about the work we have to do on ourselves to create the lives and relationships we deserve.

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I now lead workshops, coach individuals and groups and run How to Fall in Love and Women Who Roar retreats. Would you advise her to work harder at her career and to concentrate on her achievements?

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