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Autistic gay dating

Autistic self-advocacy organizations, which are led and run by autistics, are a key force in the movement for autistic acceptance and autistic pride.There’s no denying the fact that coming out or identifying as queer can be difficult in a plethora of ways.If you asked someone with autism how they find living in the world, they may say it’s overwhelming.Most people are equipped with the ability to get by in daily society, but those who are on the spectrum struggle to fit in.I'd let your potential partner know you have these difficulties in communication and let it happen. Now I've taught myself to filter out what I say to an extent but not everyone learns this or has progressed as far as I have. :/Oh, but I don't think I would date gay men with autism... Minor misunderstandings are part of life, as long as a guy's willing to work at communicating with me, it's fine. (Asperger's Syndrome was my diagnosis before the controversial decision to remove it from the DSM.) I honestly don't know if I would date someone who is. They all experience varying degrees of social struggles.If they're just too rude to me, I have to cut it off even if I know they're not trying to be mean or disrespectful at all. Dating someone on the Autistic Spectrum can be a problem when the individual is using their diagnosis as an excuse to cover up actions that are any combination of illegal, immoral or just downright rude.

That's not what I'm saying, I'm asking if anyone has ever met someone who's gay who was also on the autism spectrum?What would your thoughts be if someone you were going on dates with told you they were on the spectrum? SHE had to point it out to ME, which resulted in about an hour of hilarious laughter and a discussion about ASD and emotions and communication. Any situation you can think of that includes communication.Body language, facial expressions, spoken words, even emotions (from others, as well as my own) I sometimes misunderstand.I have a friend with Aspergers and he's doing well on the dating scene.It's one of those things that's different for each individual.

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it is not a day for other charities or organisations to promote themselves or stifle autistic people.