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For example, for a large block of identical units which are all of a similar specification, everyone would be aware of the sale price of other units, thus private sale could result in a higher sale price per property.

3) For many potential sellers and buyers, the thought of an auction can be quite overwhelming and intimidating.

2) An auction provides sellers with protection in the form of a reserve price.

If your search returns multiple items, you'll see a summary of the kinds of items that your search encountered.If Auction Lite suggests purchasing more items than you originally requested (for any reason), it will show you to the expected resale value of the excess items and the net cost of the items you requested.Auction Lite will incorporate all of the price data that your searches return into its historical data.Your own auctions are shown in yellow, and auctions where you are the highest bidder will show the bid price in yellow.If you want to bid or buy out a listing, click on it, click "Bid" or "Buyout", and then approve the purchase.

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Click on any of these summary lines to see all listings for that item, as described above.