Antonia thomas and iwan rheon dating

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Antonia thomas and iwan rheon dating

He is best known for his role as Ramsay Bolton in the popular HBO TV series Game of Thrones.

Born on the date 13th May 1985, Iwan was born in Carmarthenshire, Wales.He has an older brother named Aled who is also a musician.Iwan attended the Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf, which is a co-educational secondary school based in Wales.’ but we all treat it like professional actors in that it’s out of our hands what happens to us in the grand scheme of things. Did you notice a response from the States when it first came out? Maybe in fifteen years, you might, but I think people are still finding it now, which is good! We do joke about it, that anyone could go at any time, that’s the thing about it, like ‘oh, don’t piss them off or you’ll be...’ [laughing] It’s true though, it does happen. Are you aware there’s an Italian kind-of remake, called Is there? I thought the closest to your character might be the one called Marco, whose power is that he can travel through time, but only when he’s sexually aroused…

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By far Rheon’s biggest role to date though, has come via HBO’s , in which he plays grinning sadist Ramsay Snow, a contender for the show’s most monstrous character (and with the likes of Joffrey, The Mountain, Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton, Walder Frey, Locke and countless others to choose between, that’s saying something). He’s kind of the tragedy of the whole story, I think. He’s actually a sweet guy who just got a bit messed up. It’s not about the ins and outs of whether they , your character went through a progression that turned him into a hero. I think some of the things from very early on were hangovers of a plotline that was going to happen but they just decided to go in a different direction with the series. The thing is, he’d been really bored more than anything, because his dad’s been away bloody ages fighting a war, and he’s not allowed to go, so he’s just been left in this fucking castle and he’s just left to his own devices – and you can’t leave someone like that to their own devices [laughing], not with power. You see at the end of the last season that he’s been legitimised, so it’s a big deal for him. It’s my first full album, because I did 3 EPs over the last two years, but I’ve been recording this album for a while, trying to fit in the time.