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It doesn’t have to be scary, and you’ll find Americans are much more honest and straightforward in telling you how they feel, while Brits are sometimes vague as they try to be polite.Meeting ‘mom’ is a bigger deal in the US than the UK, so if they ask you to meet the parents they’re clearly smitten Americans can do many things, but making a proper cup of tea is not one of them.Some groups have formed around specific areas of London (e.g.South East London), while others are focused more on where you originated from (e.g. The American Society in London has been going for over a hundred years with its mission of strengthening ties between Britain and America, but there is a joining fee.Unless you’ve spoken about who you’re seeing, expect them to also be talking to other people regardless of how long the two of you have been in communication.

Americans are big tippers (they even tip bartenders each time they’re served a drink).The US President might be making headlines but it’s generally best to always avoid all talk of politics on a date.It’s not sexy and can lead to some heated and uncomfortable discussions.If they don’t say thank you when you pass them the salt, just let it slide. Who invented the unwritten law about standing on the right hand side of the escalators? Nothing beats sarcastic British humour but when it comes to letting loose and poking fun at yourself no one does it better than an American.The term dating in the US means you are going on dates with someone but by no means does it mean you’re exclusive.

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With the Royal Wedding only two weeks away, transatlantic relationships are in the spotlight.

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