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The later part of the daytime slot can sometimes be targeted at children ages 7–12 and teenagers ages 13–16 when they come home from school. PBS traditionally broadcasts educational children's programs until approximately most areas, some PBS stations broadcast children's programs until p.m., and some even until p.m.. (in the United States, this can sometimes be as early as p.m.), newscasts are usually shown on most television stations.Stations such as MTV, BET and VH1 that feature music programming may devote their morning and/or midday blocks to music videos.Children's channels such as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon generally air programs for preschool children during the early morning hours in the form of blocks such as Nick Jr.Similarly, a show that airs during early midday on the East Coast (such as the Glenn Beck Program) would be aired during the morning drive time period on the West Coast, and may not live up to the expectations of listeners expecting local, informative content.The general solution for this problem is to tape-delay programming to fit schedules, though another problem develops where West Coast listeners are unable to interact with those programs unless they stream them live from a station east of them.In the United States (and Canada, to a certain extent), two game shows, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!have dominated this time slot since the 1980s, and they usually compete with syndicated entertainment news magazines (such as Entertainment Tonight) and syndicated reruns of popular primetime programming like Seinfeld and Friends.

Unlike morning news shows, these are more generally targeted programs and feature more hard news stories (network evening newscasts, unlike their local counterparts, tend to limit weather and sports coverage unless it is a notable news story).

In the United States, dayparting is by far the most common among the Big Three television networks (ABC, NBC and CBS), all three of which continue to produce programming for a wide array of audiences (a programming strategy known as full service).

This is also generally true of other countries where the major terrestrial broadcasters have more general audiences.

After breakfast comes daytime television, which targets college students, older retirees and the ever-shrinking base of stay-at-home moms and housewives; the soap opera, tabloid talk show, judge show and (much more rarely since the 1990s) the game show are popular genres in this daypart.

In the United States and Canada, a local midday newscast also airs during the noon hour on most stations as well (this is not always the case; some stations may schedule their midday newscasts up to one hour earlier).

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Even today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) dictates less stringent decency requirements for programming aired between the hours of p.m. Most stations (both talk and music) air local programming in one or both drive time slots.