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Adult cam froggy live only web

And many, especially those who might need repeated treatments, say that option simply isn’t available to them.

They say they can’t afford to wait for either science or the FDA to catch up. About 10 years ago, she returned from a trip to Europe with a lung infection.

My quality of life is dramatically improved,” she says.

In another apparent, if temporary, success, a woman named Kathy Lammens has posted a popular video on You Tube that walks people through the process of an at-home fecal transplant.

Fecal transplants, in which stool is obtained from a healthy friend or relative and injected into the colon during a colonoscopy procedure, have been shown to cure C. It’s a cure rate that Silverman and other experts call “utterly remarkable.” Fecal transplants have become standard care for people who have repeated bouts of C. It’s much easier to get them in a medical setting than it was even 2 years ago.

And the stool doesn’t even have to be delivered via colonoscopy anymore.

Because the stool is about 50% bacteria, the theory behind the transplant is that it can replace bacteria that have gone missing from the gut.

A web site called Powerof Poop even helps connect people to potential stool donors for a small fee, which ranges from to 0 per deposit.And then, mysteriously, her stomach started to hurt. It wasn’t cramping like I’ve heard other people have.I was really bloated and I had a fair amount of pain with eating in a way I had not had before,” she says, recalling that the pain eventually reached a 7 or 8 on a 10-point scale. I couldn’t take a drink of water.” She lost 15 pounds. 9, 2015 -- Hallie found relief from 7 years of unrelenting stomach pain at the bottom of her 3-year-old nephew’s froggy potty. This was like gold to me,” says Hallie, age 40, who lives in California.She took his stool out of the training toilet, “mushed it up” with some saline solution in a plastic baggie and then squirted it into her rectum using an empty enema bottle. She asked us not to use her full name to protect her family members.

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The process of doing it at home is surprisingly simple.

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