00 no credit card wives dating

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00  no credit card wives dating

The bottom line is that any messages you receive are sent to you by automated software programs that are designed to mimic real users.From the terms and conditions page: Not only does the site use fake profiles, automated emails and phony chat messages to trick you into purchasing a monthly subscription to the site.Basically this website is nothing more than automated system of deceit.You are not interacting with real people on this site. Everything from the chat messages to the emails are completely automated to get you to purchase a membership.

As hard as that is to believe it is in the terms and conditions and you can follow the link provided here to read it yourself.

Once again after you try to send a few messages you need to upgrade to continue communicating with the girl in the chat.

Upgrading is useless since the girl sending you the messages is completely fake.

The first thing you notice when you are on Cheating is all the beautiful women who are members there.

When we used the search function we came across many if not most of the dating profiles with the term "Online Cupid" at the top of every profile.

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Below is an explanation of what "Online Cupids" are.

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